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Packing Your Storage Unit


  • Use our trolleys and dollies to move your goods from the dock to your unit

  • If you will need to access your goods whilst they are in storage, make sure to place items you do not require at the back and items you will need at the front

  • If you can’t fit all the items you need to access at the front of the unit, make an aisle (walkway) down the centre, front to back

  • Remember most storage units are standard ceiling height (2.6m) high so don’t be afraid to stack high to use all the space in your storage unit. Make sure to stack larger heavier items on the bottom and lighter items on the top

  • Make sure bed frames and other bulky items that can be dismantled, are disassembled to save space

  • You have 2 options with tables if they don’t disassemble:

    • Place cardboard or blankets etc. on top of them and stack items under and on top

    • Place cardboard, blankets or a mat etc. on protective plastic on the ground and lay the table face down on the floor and stack items on top of it

  • Cover fabric items e.g. mattresses and lounges etc. with plastic covers, which we have at our box shop

  • Cover furniture with cardboard, blankets or plastic covers to protect against scratches and dust.

  • Don’t put anything on top of upholstered furniture (lounges, armchairs etc.) as it can crush the foam cushion and leave marks

  • Paintings and mirrors should be wrapped or placed in specialised cartons and stacked on their edge

  • Put plastic or cardboard on the floor, under furniture to protect and cushion heavy items

  • Stack chairs on top of each other (seat to seat) with bubble wrap or paper between to protect them

  • Make a map of where everything is whilst you are packing your unit, so if you need to get something you know where it is

  • Make sure all white goods (fridges, freezers etc.) are empty, clean and dry before storing and leave the door ajar to prevent mould build up

  • TVs and electronics should be packed in their original cartons if available, or purchase large screen TV specialist boxes from us for secure storage

Having a plan is always provides the best results and this is the same with packing a storage unit. Planning your storage unit and packing it properly will save you time, money and ensure your goods are maintained in the best possible condition.

Using specialist packaging boxes and materials, as a removalist’s use, saves time and provides the best protection for your items.

What you can't store

To ensure safe storage, the following items/goods are prohibited:

  • Illegal or stolen items

  • Hazardous, inflammable, explosive, poisonous or environmentally harmful items, cannot be stored

  • Living things e.g. plants, or perishable goods (especially foodstuffs)

  • Mowers and whipper snipers, etc. must have fuel emptied

  • Gas bottles must be empty

  • BBQ or any cooking appliances or surfaces must be clean to avoid vermin

Packing Storage Unit
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