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5 Businesses You Can Run From a Self-Storage Unit

There are plenty of different businesses that you can run from a self-storage unit.

Sounds unlikely? Well, consider these:

Getting an office or leasing industrial space can be expensive, especially because you’d have to pay rates and utility bills on top of rent. For some types of businesses, some months of the year are also busier than others. Seasonal businesses will require more space during those periods; however, during the calmer months, you may end up paying for space you don’t need.

On the other hand, even though you’ve chosen a dedicated space at home just for work, the work has taken over the whole house nonetheless. Whatever you do to keep your business operations enclosed in a certain area, it somehow always manages to get out, i.e. products all over the house, paperwork on the sofa and materials lying around.

Does running a business from a self-storage unit sound plausible now? Well, here are some businesses you can run from a self-storage unit:

Online stores

This may be the first thing that pops into your mind when you read this article.

Cluttering your own house with products is the last thing you want while running an online business. This is where a self-storage unit will come in handy.

With a flexible self-storage unit provider, you can usually up/downgrade your unit whenever you need, making it an ideal place to run a seasonal business - which is typical for most online stores. No more paying for space you don’t use half the year!

Additionally, you can even dedicate a corner for a photo studio without having to occasionally show the parts of your home in the background. This will make sure that your product images are always taken in the highest quality possible!

Photo studio

Technically, we’ve mentioned this already, so might as well get on with it.

With a storage unit, you can have a more permanent studio and for a margin of the price you’d pay for renting an actual city centre office.

Whether you just need a place to do your editing in peace or if you need a full-blown studio — a storage unit can help enhance your productivity and reduce waste time setting up and taking down equipment.


As an accountant, you need to store all your important paperwork for your clients in a safe and secure location.

While storing them in your home sounds perfectly acceptable, a self-storage unit will make it easier for you to find the one document you need amongst piles of paper. Best of all, they won’t be in the way of anyone and safe from any damage.

Becoming a YouTuber

The walls of your storage unit are great as a neutral background for vlogs and instructional videos – or you can decorate them as you see fit, depending on what you need – and you’ll have the necessary peace and quiet to film uninterrupted. No more disruptions.

However, make sure to check that the storage unit you choose provides lighting, electricity sockets and wi-fi connections. After all, it’s important that you can upload your videos as soon as you finish editing them.

Becoming a writer

Don’t have a quiet place at home to concentrate on writing? Tired of being tempted by delicious cakes at the local café instead of finishing that novel? Or perhaps you’re too busy people-watching instead of working?

Many writers find it incredibly difficult to focus with so much noise or interruptions around them; therefore, a storage unit can help you concentrate and boost your productivity.

Final thoughts

Storage units aren’t just for movers and hoarders. If you’re running an online business - or any other kinds of businesses, for that matter - and your workspace is being inundated with files and inventory, it may be time to increase your storage space by renting a self-storage unit.

For more information on how our facilities can accommodate your business needs, contact us now!

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