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Change of address checklist – everything you need to update when you move to a new address!

Moving house can be a frantic time for you and your family. Aside from the actual move itself, there is a ton of work that needs to be done to ensure everything is order for when you arrive in your new home. At Rhodes Self Storage, we understand how important it is to be prepared, and so we’ve developed this Change of Address Checklist to help make sure you have everything updated in time for your big move. Here we include a lot of the services and organisations you need to contact to make aware of your new address, so that everything continues to run smoothly!

While some on this list may seem obvious, it is important to be thorough to ensure that your address is correct across the books. If you think we’ve missed anything on our list, get in touch and let us know, and we will add your suggestion(s) to the list!

Financial services

Anything involving money is obviously very important, and so it is crucial to update your details across the books to make sure you do not experience any issues with your money! Services to update may include:

  • Banks or credit card companies

  • Loan providers

  • Insurance agencies

  • Accounting firms and accountants

  • Financial and investment advisors

  • Online payment services (such as Paypal)

Government services

There are several public/government services that are important to contact to inform of your new move. To ensure all government facilities are aware of your new address, you should make sure to contact the following:

  • Post office and postal services

  • Roads and Maritime Services (updating your driver’s licence!)

  • Vehicle registration and insurance

  • Voter registration – NSW Electoral Commission

  • Passport – Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

  • Medicare and Private Health Care

Utilities and services

As expected when moving house, there are a lot of utilities and services you need to assess and update with your new contact information! Here are the biggest ones you should be aware of:

  • Phone services (landline and mobile)

  • Internet and television service providers

  • Electrical, gas and water services

  • Garbage and recycling services

  • Residential services such as cleaning and maintenance, pest control, gardeners, etc.

Employment and education

It is also important when moving to make sure any education institutions or employers you are currently involved with are made aware of your new address! This includes any institutions where you or your family are currently studying, such as schools, universities or TAFE, and any organisations where you are currently employed to work, either in a full-time or part-time/casual capacity.


There are always going to be things you forget to update with your new address. Those items that fall into the ‘other’ category will change from person to person, but here are a few to be aware of:

  • Local services such as dental and medical clinics, optometrists, veterinarians, churches and daycares

  • Assemblies such as alumni groups, charity organisations, neighbourhood associations and country or social clubs

  • Online stores you are currently buying from – you wouldn’t want your items to be delivered to the wrong address!

  • Magazine and newspaper subscriptions

And of course, make sure to tell your friends and family of your new address. You don’t want them trying to visit you at your old house!


If there are things you forget to update when you move, don’t worry. There is a that needs to be done to ensure all services and organisations are aware of your new address. Work through this list and you will have a lot of the bases covered, and if you think of anything else that deserves an inclusion, get in touch! We’d love to add it to the list to help others in the same boat.

Need boxes to help you move? Want to secure a storage unit for your excess belongings? Get in touch with Rhodes Self Storage today! Call us on 02 8765 1888 or Contact Us via our website.


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