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How to Store Your Furniture Correctly in 4 Super Easy Steps.

From antique pieces that don’t quite fit in your home, to those you want to pass down to your kids, furniture can easily create unwanted clutter in your home. Knowing what to do with furniture you don't want in your home but also don't want to throw out can be a challenge to say the least!

Self storage in Sydney gives you the option of creating space in your home without sacrificing the pieces you love. Here’s how to successfully prepare your furniture for long-term self storage to keep them in the same pristine condition as when you left them.


Before storing your furniture, it’s important to give each of piece a good clean. This means wiping everything down with a clean cloth and making sure you’re using cleaners that are appropriate for the material of the furniture. Avoid using harsh chemicals on any piece of furniture - especially antique pieces. Once this is done, let your furniture breathe in a well-ventilated area so that it dries completely before you pack it up for long-term storage.

Disassembly & Transportation

Bulky furniture such as tables, dressers and couches is should be disassembled for safe transportation and stay that way for neat storage at the storage facility. Grouping and labelling your pieces will help you stay organised and make things easier at the storage facility when it’s time to unload everything.

>> Quick Tips for Efficient Disassembly

- Keep bits and pieces such as remotes, keys, and manufacturer's instructions in an ‘essentials’ container.

- Empty wardrobes, drawers and cabinets to reduce weight and avoid damage.

- Take photos of bits and pieces during the dismantling process to help with reassembly.


Before putting your furniture into storage (whether you do it before or after transportation), it’s vital that you protect them with the right materials. For fragile and delicate items, bubble wrap is essential; but for wood items, antiques, and certain fabrics, it’s best to avoid plastic packaging if possible as it can suffocate the material - so do your research! Also, try using sheets or covers to keep the dust out whilst still allowing your furniture to breathe.

Note: At Rhodes Self Storage, we have a wide range of boxes and packing materials available to assist you with your storage needs. Don’t hesitate to ask our friendly staff about how to pack your furniture for long-term storage effectively!​


It might be tempting to put as many items as possible into your storage unit to maximise space, but with furniture this can lead to damage in the long term. Additionally, be sure to leave space between items and allow air to flow between them so there’s also less chance of accidentally damaging pieces when you’re trying to take things out later on.

Rhodes Self Storage has a wide range of personal storage units available from small to large with 24-hour surveillance, so you can choose a storage unit that’s right for your furniture storage needs. Keeping your items in the same condition as when you put them in is our number one priority, so you can rest assured that your furniture will be safe with us once they're stored.

If you’d like to learn more about how to best store your furniture, Rhodes Self Storage can help! Contact us today.


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