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The Importance of Self-Storage during the Coronavirus Outbreak

How is the Coronavirus outbreak affecting your business? If your business is one of the many that is forced to close - or at least adapt - to this drastic change, then self-storage facilities might come in handy.

But first, what exactly is a self-storage unit?

A self-storage unit is a kind of storage space which is generally used in houses and self-storage businesses. Storage space can be anything like a large container, room, locker or small space.

What is a self-storage unit used for?

Self-storage has a multitude of uses. The majority of people recognise it for home storage or a place to keep belongings while they are in-between living spaces. What most people don’t realise though is that storage units can be great tools for businesses, too. In fact, some businesses have begun running their entire operation out of storage units.

Regardless of size, every company seeks to operate with lean costs and avoid waste, and these factors are directly related to the way the company takes advantage of its physical space. One must consider that the cost of the physical space to store what is not associated with the core business is high, and both the space and the financial investments could be applied to the company’s growth.

Self-storage for business aims to provide solutions to a challenge that all companies have in common: the lack of more space and/or the need to optimise the one that already exists.

What is the importance of self-storage for my business during the Coronavirus outbreak?

As previously mentioned, if your business is affected by the outbreak, you might be forced to reduce your hours or even close down temporarily. For example, if you’re running a restaurant, you might have to move away most, if not all, of your chairs and tables while focusing on delivery only.

So, while your business is adapting, where will you store those items you are not using for the time being? Surely those tables and chairs in restaurants need someplace else to be while we wait for when things finally get back to normal.

That’s where Rhodes Self Storage can help.

We offer self-storage units in a variety of sizes for all of your needs and demands - while ensuring the safety and security of your precious belongings until they can be used again.

Our facilities are supported by:

  • Video Surveillance System

  • Secure Perimeter Fencing

  • External Sensor Lighting

  • Daily Unit Audit and Lock Integrity Checks

  • Access Control System – a PIN access system for entry by customers only with 24-hour security response monitoring

Additionally, we’ll make sure that your items stay clean and undamaged - so that you can use them again anytime you need.

For more information on how our facilities can accommodate your business needs during the outbreak, contact us now!

Rhodes Self Storage

3 Averill St, Rhodes

Call: (02) 8765 1888



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