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Top 6 ways storage for business can save you time and money.

1. Get the space you need - ASAP.

Whether you’re a startup that needs a cost-effective work space, a small business that’s expanding operations, or a corporate office that simply needs a safe place to store documents and equipment, finding a company that offers storage for business is a sure way to get the space you need - asap.

2. Organise your inventory.

Got surplus or seasonal inventory but no where to store it? Save yourself the time and worry by getting your inventory into a storage facility. Keeping your inventory safely stored and organised is one of the best ways to utilise storage for your business while you focus on keeping things running smoothly.

3. Bring logistical efficiency to your business.

If you’ve got goods that require regular drop-offs, pick-ups, deliveries and returns, organising to have them distributed from your storage facility is a great resource-saving way to get it done because all your goods are being managed from one facility.

4. Dispatch your goods with ease.

A good storage company will also offer dispatch services to make your life a whole lot easier. This may include receipting your stock, notifying you when goods arrive, and placing new stock into your storage units.

5. Get tailored service and storage expertise that’s relevant to your business.

Well-established storage companies will have lots of experience working with commercial clients and will have a good understanding of the types of businesses that might have storage needs. They’ll be able to tailor their service to suit your business and share any relevant expertise they might have about the best way to store your goods.

6. Focus on running your business knowing that your goods are held in high-quality, high-security storage facilities.

Sometimes, having the peace of mind of knowing that your goods are safe and being well taken care of is all you need to bring efficiency to your business. Whether you’ve got damage-prone goods or durable goods in storage, you can run your business with confidence knowing that they’re in secure, temperature-stable units.

Storage for business? We’ve got you.

With a fuss-free, flexible approach to self-storage, Rhodes Self Storage has all your needs sorted if you’re interested in storage for business. With no fixed leases, maximum security, competitive pricing and a wide variety of unit sizes, we can help you out with all your storage needs. We also sell a wide range of packing materials and have trolleys, dollies and pallet jacks to help get the job done.

Contact us at to learn more about how we can help you with storage for business today.


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